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 Special column that spells the thoughts and so on for representative KODAIRA's product development

Industry's carbon products are pinky

Carbon material which is also the material for selling Aero parts of Cabo one sports. Another way of saying KFRP is also a call for materials, but speaking of carbon, it is very light to use with racing cars and airplanes, and for the lightness it is the highest peak material that can be molded with high strength . Because of its highest peak the price of the material is also quite high actually in fact.

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I would like to talk about such carbon-shaped products. Carbon used in racing car etc. is actually baked in the kiln after shaping it in fact. Although the strength of the burned carbon material is not comparable, it will be hard to jump, but the cost of producing it is not a price that can be mounted with a very ordinary car at a huge price.

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However, since it is a yearning carbon material, I would like to use it somehow, thinking that I want to install it is mecha-like, is not it a feeling of those who like cars? So, what appears is a carbon product that is not baked in a kiln. Although it is not baked, it boasts considerable hardness and lightness compared with FRP material of glass fiber. Generally, the carbon product is said to be this unbaked common name, "wet carbon".

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So there is one problem. Actually, this wet carbon is also good. On what basis Pinkili and

To put it briefly, carbon fiber is harder to bend compared to FRP, but in the case of those who are not experienced arms when sticking at the time of production because of that, carbon fibers are not linear Symptoms such as distortion in a wave pattern occur. Also symptoms can be thought that carbon fiber has not reached the edge. Carbon products also have a special way of showing, unlike FRP products, since the top surface is not gelcoated, it is reasonable to linearly distort such fiber strains The appearance impression will be different from what you are. On the other hand, one who is distorted, as it is, receives the impression that the one that the fiber passes as a straight line is beautiful. In a certain meaning, it is a product in a position in which deception is not effective as it is unknown if painted by painting, so in the street parts, this appearance also becomes the content to be evaluated on the product, and those who bought it in the way of finishing here It will also affect your satisfaction.

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For the Caboan sports product, we are also committed to craftsmen who manufactures here, so with regard to dual wing, the flap is divided into upper and lower halves in the production of the wing flap, but one of them is made of one carbon fiber sheet I try to produce one piece to produce. And although the upper and lower joiners do not match perfectly, we aim to aesthetic appearance aiming to connect the fiber pattern as much as possible and we are making production. There are many carbon products that can be purchased on the Internet in the market, but the insurance that is finishing up more beautifully even for high-grade materials, even when compared with other companies, prides himself as being in a finish at a considerably high position We will. If you have a opportunity to compare it with a product called real carbon which is said well, I think that its goodness and value can be clearly convinced.

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Why not try impersonating not the imitation but the person who wants to get the real thing.

Such cheap carbon has reasonable reasons, and it was "Pin and Kiri" talk that there is a big difference in products that have been committed even among genuine ones.

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