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  KABO 1 SPORTS representative KODAIRA special column that spells the feelings etc for product development etc.

DUAL WING development confidential story

The product you will get will be the mass produced by the mold, the masterpiece called this master which we made earlier, but the production of this type was originally made by using glass fiber soaked with a dedicated liquid on the master I will stick together so that air does not enter again and again. If you put in even a little air it will be produced repeatedly by pulling it down and pasting again from above. In mass-produced products, craftsmen adjust the fiber which bends the belly button quickly due to change of temperature and humidity, adjust and control the amount of curing agent, technology to make it feel like it will live as talent and experience .

Aero parts are genuine as long as nobody makes it and there is nothing to do, but the technique to make the idea there form three-dimensional, and the feelings put in there are included in the aero parts of KABO1SPORTS. It is done.

Please sensitize the beauty of the kitchen and the surface as it is not mekomeko and the high degree of completion. Or the carbon product is beautiful through the eyes of the fiber beautifully until it reaches the edge. That is KABO1SPORTS Quality.

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